#TBT - Walls of Zion National Park

Pentax 67 / 45mm lens / Fuji Velvia Film ISO 50

Ah, the good ol' days! #imissfilm Even though we can do some crazy good things with digital these days, I do miss film. I'm going to try and post on #tbt to showcase some of my early work with Fuji Velvia film. The Pentax 67 was such a great camera. I use to be a purist in those days. I wanted everything too look natural just the way I had saw it. I thought I did a pretty good job, because, back then, you really had to slow down, take meter readings, and really make sure you got the exposure correct. Film and film developing where pretty expensive if you burned through rolls. #fujivelvia #film #nofilter

This picture is from Zion National Park during Fall - around early November.

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