I’m an online writer, photographer and a blogger. I cannot accept gifts or money without disclosing that fact. So, please consider yourself disclosed.

The author of this blog (me) accepts payment in the forms of ads, sponsorships, or other forms of compensation for the work that I do to provide what I believe is helpful content to you. My primary form of making money on this website is via affiliate linking, coaching, and tangible product sales.

Personally, I am honest to a fault and I cannot in good faith promote items that I don’t truly like or believe in. So, if I recommend a product or service to you, it is because I truly like it and think it may be a good investment for you. If I don’t like something that I am asked to promote, I simply won’t mention it to my audience. What I’m getting at is I don’t promote fake reviews and I would never provide an excellent review or a recommendation for something that I really don't like or don't personally believe in. That I can say to you honestly. And I am a person of my word.

If someone ever does employ my services to run a sponsored post or ad (that they pay me for) I will let you know by labeling it as a "sponsored" ad and tell you that it is paid content.

The content contained in this blog has been written and edited by me, Brett Higgins aka Capturing The Elements, Beyond The Photograph, and me alone. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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